directed by.
gabriel younes


The Sunny Family Cult started as a Serial Killer Duo in the 1980s, and quickly rose to have Bonnie and Clyde like fame, which created copycat killers. As they became older and continued to kill, the duostarted to encounter fans, who would eventually join their cult - these people nearly worshiped them.

The Sunny Family’s victims are often people in the 20s, who lie to get what they want and show a low moral fiber. In parent’s mind they are like the Robinhood of Serial Killers - ridding the world of the pompous, overly-entitled, or cheaters. They grow in an organic way, as sometimes they pose to their victims or witnesses to join them - they are human and can be wrong about the victims. However, they most often grow when a witness was left alive, and given a choice to join them or die.

The cult often kills in one of two ways - stabbing or strangling - it is a constant point of contention (and humor) between the mother and father, who are the leaders. Moreover, they leave behind notes and are recognized by their masks, which have been caught on camera and sketched before from the few surviving victim’s memories. Ultimately, they want to make the world a happier and “Sunnier” place for future generations, but do so in a terribly brutal and bloody way.

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