directed by.
gabriel younes



The story for STONE places an emphasis on exploring the transient nature of life by contrasting the everlasting imagery of nature to imagery of a Man’s inner struggles. Tonally we push the feeling of letting go – accepting the inherent struggle that is present in life. The man reflects on what he has while being taunted with his past and the lullaby of death.Visually, we used the infamous Aokigahara forest as inspiration. Moreover, we took advantage of natural lighting, which gave the video a more experimental feeling.

director's statement

With the video for Stone we aimed to create something visceral and emotionally engaging, as we were hungry to make the audience experience this journey, rather than simply witness it. We wanted to focus on the universal theme of letting go and acceptance — this is a message that hit close to home for me, and I think it comes through in the final product, which feels like it has real heart.

gorgeous video, filmed at a summer camp near Big Bear Lake, California
— Entertainment Tonight