directed by.
gabriel younes


Our music video has been selected to make its world premiere at the 2015 DANCES WITH FILMS festival at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood! If you would like to attend the premiere and watch the music video on the silver screen, click here to buy tickets.


Tavis and his new girlfriend Whitney go on a sun soaked joy ride with Tavis’s best friend, Robert, and his girlfriend, Kinsey. Unfortunately, their car breaks down, which forces them to seek help at a desolate country home. However, when they get to the house they discover that a group of masked killers awaits them. Tavis is knocked out cold. He wakes up to find himself chained and hallucinating in one of the rooms of the house. Tavis kills the first mask he sees, but unfortunately it turns out to be Kinsey. Tavis then escapes his chains and moves through the house’s kitchen, where he hallucinates a flashback of the family that used to live there.

Tavis moves upstairs in the house to find his remaining friends, but is in complete dismay when he catches a masked surgeon sewing a mask on to Robert, who seems to be brainwashed. After a brief struggle Tavis rips Robert’s mask off, which ultimately kills him. Tavis nearly has a breakdown, but eventually is chased in the room where he finds Whitney sitting with a mask on her face. Whitney gets up and takes her mask off. Tavis’s joy is brief, as Whitney drives a knife into his stomach, making it clear that this has been her plan all along. Whitney puts her mask back on and sits down.


With this video I wanted to take a traditional horror trope, and twist it into something original, weird, and yet extremely timeless. My team and I approached the cinematography in this project with precision with hope that the execution would help it transcend the horror genre. Moreover, a theme that is carried through much of my work is the loss of innocence, which is what can be found at the heart of the “Said and Done” video. I aimed to create something distinctly dripped with tones of americana and youthful innocence before subverting it into something much darker.

A Wicked Haunted Slasher
— Bloody Disgusting
genuinely creepy scenes to accompany its homage to cabin-in-the-woods-style horror
— Wired Magazine
The feel and atmosphere of the video could not bring the song to life any more perfectly
— Absolute Punk
a reworking of the classic horror film trope, playing alongside lighthearted pop music to create an unsettling effect
— Promo News
will undoubtedly keep you thoroughly entertained until the very end
— Ground Sounds