Video Premiere: Twinsmith - "Is It Me"

Video Premiere: Twinsmith - "Is It Me"

By Dacey Orr  |  May 6, 2015  |  10:30am


Twinsmith, whose sophomore full-length and Saddle Creek debut Alligator Years was just released earlier this month, is the sun soaked sounds of Jordan Smith, Oliver Morgan, Matt Regner and Bill Sharp. Hailing from Omaha, the band’s roots date back to Smith and Regner’s high school days and have continuously evolved since. Now, they’ve released a video for Alligator Days track “Is It Me.”

“With the video for ‘Is It Me,’ we really wanted to do something that felt fun and lighthearted, while blending an early horror visual style with this certain early 1960s, family-gathered-around-the-TV, Monster Mash-type camp,” said Gabriel Younes, the video’s director. “In the end, the final product is something that doesn’t feel the need to take itself too seriously, though it also still pushes this sort of nostalgia-dripped style.”

Check out the video for “Is It Me” in the player above. Alligator Years is available now via Saddle Creek.

Andrew Cummings