directed by.
gabriel younes & andrew harris


When Andrew Harris and Gabriel Younes were approached to co-direct the new campaign for GoodNight Medical, they wanted to approach this project differently than most medical commercials currently airing. Executive producer, Kayden Kross emphasized the importance that these commercials have the viralability to garner interest among markets not commonly exposed to this type of product. It was clear from the genesis of the project our creative team had to take some risks in order to meet the goals our client and executive producer had set. Immediately co-directors, Andrew and Gabriel created hilarious bits that integrated the client's mission as well as hitting the targeted audience's funny bone. With each of the five commercials we added a sense of spark to enhance the overall experience including a WOLF ON WALLSTREET vibe to a man's dream of eating pizza and drinking limitless beer from two beautiful women whom he only has a chance with in his dreams.

Once the project was greenlit, we were given an aggressive production schedule leading out of the 2015 holiday season. We began pre-production on January 1st and commenced production on January 10th executing all five commercials within two days of physical production. From then, we had a delivery turnaround of three weeks to complete three picture edits, sound mixing, and color correction. With our seasoned team we were able to deliver on time with the quality of a high profile production in a little over a month's time.