directed by.
raymond creamer


The Fader is a ghoul often whispered about by children and, perhaps, a few credulous adults, but he is more than your average nightmare fodder. Accounts differ and, as time goes on, new storytellers put their own spin on his legend but most agree that he kidnaps and eats children and is most active on Halloween. His presence in folklore finds comparisons to any number of cannibalistic crones such as the witch in the famous German tale of Hansel and Gretel or Baba Yaga of Slavic lore. Not unlike the former, The Fader is rumored to adopt an enticing affectation to better soothe wary or restless children. Hansel and Gretel may have been drawn in by the witch’s candy house but The Fader is known to prey on much younger, often pre-ambulatory children who make for easier targets and easier chewing but simply aren’t capable of coming to him. Thus, he seeks them out, guided primarily by sound since he is blind. While capable of hunting other animals, the Fader prefers human flesh and has a tendency to follow the sounds of music to their homes. He will often sing lullabies to calm his prey before snatching them, a trick he learned by mimicking the mothers and fathers of victims past. Some accounts claim that he will deliberately frighten a child to wake their sleeping parents and then make meals of them as well, their adrenaline and fear over losing their baby making for “better taste” as it’s described in “The Fader’s Fable”, a well known poem about the creature.


DJ: Jeneta St. Clair

The Fader: Raymond Creamer

Skull Mask: Steven Mathews


Writer & Director: Raymond Creamer

Producer: Andrew Cummings

Production Manager: TJ Nelson

1st Assistant Director: Boris Issac

Production Assistant: Rob Puttkammer

Production Assistant: Brendon Holl

Production Assistant: CJ Silberman

Production Assistant: Anthony Mugnolo

Cinematographer: Tristan Noelle

1st Assistant Camera Operator: Julius Damenz

1st Assistant Camera Operator: Robin Pabello

2nd Assistant Camera Operator: Rebecca Clayton

Gaffer: Evan Yee

Gaffer: James Swartz

Key Grip: Zach Zeidman

Best Boy: Carlos Oropeza

Grip: Sam Kim

Grip: Jesse Bentley

Make Up Artist: Jessica Vergon

SFX Make Up Artist: Meg Wilbur

Location Sound Mixer: Destiny Farrant

Editor: Thad Nurski

2nd UnitEditor: Evan Gorski

Colorist: Tristan Noelle

2nd Unit Colorist: Michael Babyak

Post Sound Editor: Lyle Nelson

Music By:

Song: Lost In Your Arms-14494 - Franck Hedin, Nathalie Loriot, Vincent Turb