directed by.
michael erik nikolla


The year was 1990 and the place was a now-defunct theater chain called Hoyts Cinemas. It’s in and around this setting that I conjure the first recollections of my true love. The Movie. I was only 3 but could sense that my mom took me to a place that was for going to see these. It was truly exciting. Eventually Blockbuster Video would become another way to get it. Whether it was inside a Gummy Bear infested darkroom in a mall or the brightly lit, similarly candy filled confines of a video store, this was the time to be alive. It was all happening. In today’s internet world, it can be nearly impossible to discern the difference in form between any of it’s infinite moving pictures. Perhaps the best place to start is with what it’s missing. As a filmmaker, it’s wonderful that we can create anything our mind imagines and share it with everyone. This is something that was only possible for the Spielbergs in 1990. But as is usually the case, with all this ease comes a loss of novelty. With only a handful of powerful directors shooting film, theaters becoming less economically feasible by the day, and the final video stores closing up around the country, a lot of what I fell in love with has died. All I really wanted to do here was live that experience again for a few minutes.

    nods to the Dodgers, David Lynch and Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” video
    — Black Book